Your generosity at work

Sponsored Research

Your generosity at work

As a foundation, we are incredibly blessed to have a wonderful community of support embracing our mission and cause. With each and every thoughtful donation, your dollars are put to work funding a variety of important projects. Ranging from therapies for a cure to improving quality of daily life, our goal is to diversify and attack the problem from multiple angles, while being guided by the brightest scientific minds in the rare disease space.

Below you will find a list of currently funded projects. To learn more about a given study, please click the project and you will be linked to an article with more in depth explanations. None of what you see below would be possible without the generosity of our donors. Thank you for your support!


Dr. Ruchira Singh, University of Rochester Medical Center

Understanding Vision Loss in CLN3 Batten Disease

Dr. Jon Brudvig, Weimer Lab - Sanford Research

Development of Translatable Biomarkers for CLN3

Dr. Michelle Hastings, Rosalind Franklin University

Antisense Oligonucleotides for the Treatment of CLN3

Weimer Lab - Sanford Research

Identifying Potential Molecular Therapies for the Treatment of CLN3

Dr. Stephane Lefrancois, Centre Armand-Frappier Sante Biotechnologie

Characterizing the Molecular Function of CLN3 to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets

Dr. Jonathan Cooper, Washington U. School of Medicine

Defining Peripheral and Enteric Nervous Disease in Juvenile Batten Disease

Dr. Heather Adams, University of Rochester Medical Center
in Collaboration with the BDSRA

Characterizing Sleep Dysfunction in Individuals with NCL Disorders

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* ForeBatten Foundation sponsored research grants support direct project costs.

Awards from ForeBatten do not fund institutional overhead or indirect costs.

Dr. Jill Weimer addresses attendees at Take a Swing Fore Batten III

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